Day 4 of not smoking…

Still arsey from the Champix. Not as bad as last week, though. I’m not having a strop over the smallest things, now. (Like an ill-fitting tee shirt – goddamned American sizing!). Still waking up every two hours, not getting any quality sleep. Stomach in constant variants of unease. Headaches, mood swings. But do NOT want a cigarette! Huzzah!

As a treat I’ve bought myself some books (St Anne’s Hospice, Newport- 3 paperbacks for a pound FOR A POUND!), seem to have gained a predilection for spy novels. Am reading/loving “Contact Zero” by David Wolstencroft, creator of “Spooks” (N.B. at time of publishing have actually finished book now, it’s awesome, go and get it). Also bought Robert Ludlum’s “The Bourne Supremacy” (I do have a fondness for the films) and something called “Extraordinary Powers” by Joseph Finder. Will keep you informed.


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