His tongue licked a wet trail over my nipple, hot and soft, and the gasp that shuddered from my mouth sounded unnaturally loud to my ears. My hands clenched into fists, pulling tight the silk ropes that secured me to the bedpost, the sleek, braided ridges biting into my wrists. His tongue flicked back and forth over the tip of my nipple, firmer this time, and a moan escaped from behind my clenched teeth. Breath as warm as blood travelled up my chest to my neck like a miniature storm cloud, sending a million tiny thunderbolts of pleasure racing up the side of my head and down my body. Tender lips augmented the sensation, kissing along a jaw line so sensitive it almost hurt. “Like that, do you?” he breathed in my ear, and I ground myself into him involuntarily with another moan. My skin felt stretched and swollen, aching for the touch of his bare skin. He chuckled, his voice gone deep with desire. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He kissed and licked his way southward, and by the time he took me into that sweet wet mouth of his I was almost ready to go. “Not yet,” he whispered. I felt the bed shift, the soft sound of skin rasping almost imperceptibly against the silky sheets beneath us, and then his weight was on my abdomen, straddling me, and his hand gently guiding me into him once more. The sharp intake of breath from him. A groan from me. The fight to stay still, to not thrust into that sweet tightness, the core of his being. When he finally had me sheathed as far as I would go, he stopped, leant over and pressed his generous lips against mine. Like taking a bite out of some lush, ripe fruit. His tongue danced with mine, then his teeth closed on my bottom lip, nibbling ever so gently. His breath came hot against my ear as he tore the blindfold from my face, a whispered wet confession infused with electric gold. “I love you.”


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