“As long as we beat the English”

It makes me rage, reading about Welsh people dishing out hate to the English – if you actually took a second to stop being so fuckin’ stupid you’d realise that you have English blood somewhere in your ancestry.

“Oh not me” I hear you fuckers cry. And to you I say this. fuck right off. You’re giving us Welsh a bad name. Go to the library, get on the googles and DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK. Look at your forefathers. They weren’t all Welsh.

Personally, I self identify as Welsh-British. Cuz I am. I was born and bred in Wales, as were my parents, but my mum’s father was from Lahndan and my dad’s father was from Manchester. English. My dad’s dad’s dad was German. My name is Scottish, so we’ve probably got that in the mix. And I’m pretty sure some of my mam’s family were Irish.

I am a mongrel.

So are you.



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