So I’ve decided to go on a fast.

Well, a smoothie fast.

Everyone has been giving shit up for lent, and even though I am Most Emphatically NOT a christian of any description, I thought I’d see what the fuss was all about. It’s the days of the googles, people.

People shove veg and fruit in a blender and don’t eat solid food. Usually for a week or two, but this one guy apparently lives like this. He cray-cray.

I had to go for blood tests on Monday and had to fast the night before, so I thought ‘why not carry on?’   I figure my insides could do with a clean out. So that’s it. No solid food.

No cake.

No crisps.

No chocolate.

No chips.

And no more coffee. =(

I was advised, however, to ease myself into it, lest my tummy has a fit and packs in. So I’m starting with just having a smoothie for breakfast and eating solids at lunch and dinner, doing this for 3 days (today is day 2) and then for 4 days go for breakfast and lunch smoothies with a solid meal for tea. And I’m easing myself off the coffee. One a day.

So. I thought I’d document it. Here. For you. Whoever you may be. Even if it’s just me.

Sunday night, the night before I started, I lay in bed fantasising about fresh-baked buns and victoria sponge. This isn’t going to end well.

On the plus side, smoothie this morning was delicious.

  • 2 bananas, sliced
  • umm about 6-8 strawberries, scalped and sliced
  • a gloop of fat-free vanilla yogurt (I fuckin LOVE yogurt)
  • a large dash of apple juice
  • a sachet of Oatso-simple golden syrup flavoured porridge
  • a handful of dried raisins

whack it all in a blender and blitz the shit out of it! tasty.

Also, twat that I am, fell off the cross-trainer at the gym last night and sprained my ankle. Serves my right for chatting when I should have been watching where  was putting my stupid fat feet.


4 responses to “Fasting.

  • sordog1

    Thanks for the mention. I don’t mind being “cray-cray.” It is really great the way you are examining and experiencing the food you eat. Cheers!
    Shiva Steve Ordog

    • Andrew

      Haha good, because I meant it affectionately! 🙂 Hey, I’m following in your footsteps, right? So I must be a lil cray-cray, too.

      I tried your version of the mean green, it was… I dunno. It wasn’t as bad as it looked, but I kept picking out what felt like toe-nail clippings. Maybe I’ll forgo the celery next time.

  • sordog1

    I am not offended, I am honored! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing if you feel a difference.

  • Sagan

    Thanks for the link! Hope you enjoy the smoothie-ing. Sounds as though you have a good transition plan 🙂

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