Yummy Risotto

So I just had a bacon and mushroom risotto (yes yes, I had two helpings, fat fuck that I am! Thanks for pointing that out! And yes, I forgot to buy an onion so I substituted it with a fucktonne of garlic).

It was goooood.

So today was the last day I have ‘solids’ for lunch, tomorrow it’ll be smoothie city for me. But hopefully I’ll get to have meatballs at ikea. Cuz, ya know. They’re nommy.


Also, the bf came over to see me and my semi crippled foot, to soothe and sympathize and help with those things I can’t really do… “Oh darling I’ll go to tesco for you…. zzzzz.” He literally fell asleep, and I mean literally, not literally-but-actually-figuratively, LITERALLY fell asleep whilst offering to go and buy food for me. Bless.

So now I’m throbbing (not in a good way, pervs!) and fat-full.

And you know what? I don’t give a rat’s hairy crack, because it was a good fucking risotto.


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