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I’ve moved!

I bought my own custom domain name, so the blog has moved to

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Update numbeeeeerrrr….. three??

Whatever. So. for the past three days (including today) I’ve been having two “liquid meals” – a smoothie or soup – and one solid, usually for tea. Next week was going to be when I turned to completely liquid meals, but¬†I’ve decided to keep to having one solid meal, though only a small one.

I’m still only drinking one cup of coffee, and I’m actually really proud of myself that I’ve stuck to that – anyone who knows me will tell you I drink coffee by the gallon. I have, however, sort of cheated and had a little nibble of cake here and there. I figure it’s 2012, the world is gunna end anyway, I might as well enjoy the cake.

BUT! I haven’t eaten any sweets or crisps or chips or shitty things. I feel… well I feel pretty normal.

Except I need to brush my teeth more often. The acid and sugars from all the fruit-drinkin.

So. There we go. Eat more cake.

I don’t mind…

I don’t mind that it’s cold and windy.

I don’t mind that there were a gazillion people in town today.

I don’t even mind the faint smell of cowshit on the air.

Ya know why?


Spring fever is starting to creep up on me like The Stealth.

I find myself smiling for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

I also find myself shirking my assignments.


Must get on that.

Straight boys

Why are men wandering around looking like boy bands? I’ve literally just seen 12 men looking like members of j flo brothers or whatever. Stop it!

Welsh Cakes.

If you’ve never eaten a welsh cake SHAME ON YOU!!!




I will, of course, be making some. And eating them with my tea. Cuz I can still eat at tea. Thank god. Otherwise I’d be blending welsh cakes. I jest


Also good – Jam splits. For those of you who don’t like currants etc, take them out of the recipe and then when the welsh cakes are done baking cut them in half like a sandwich and slather them with jam. MMMMMMMMM. Cakegasm.


OH! Even BETTER! Put some desiccated coconut in those bad boys! Mmmnf!


Happy St. David’s Day!!!