Update numbeeeeerrrr….. three??

Whatever. So. for the past three days (including today) I’ve been having two “liquid meals” – a smoothie or soup – and one solid, usually for tea. Next week was going to be when I turned to completely liquid meals, but I’ve decided to keep to having one solid meal, though only a small one.

I’m still only drinking one cup of coffee, and I’m actually really proud of myself that I’ve stuck to that – anyone who knows me will tell you I drink coffee by the gallon. I have, however, sort of cheated and had a little nibble of cake here and there. I figure it’s 2012, the world is gunna end anyway, I might as well enjoy the cake.

BUT! I haven’t eaten any sweets or crisps or chips or shitty things. I feel… well I feel pretty normal.

Except I need to brush my teeth more often. The acid and sugars from all the fruit-drinkin.

So. There we go. Eat more cake.


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