Nyx and Helios

Let me tell you a story, a tale of two boys. One with hair like coal and eyes dark as a moonlit forest, the other fair as Prince Charming, whose eyes are robin’s eggs rimed in frost. They were the same, and they were different. Those who knew them called them Night and Day. And as we know the Night is inquisitive by nature, and especially curious about the Light; the Day equally so about the Dark. Night creeps closer and closer toward the Dawn until at last they touch, a spectacular kiss that lasts only moments, that lasts a lifetime. The Dark is consumed by the Day.
But, like I said, the Sun’s light is also inquisitive, it touches many, and after a while His heat is focused elsewhere. The Night is returned to starlight and shadow and a cold lingering mist that it cannot shake. The Light is saved for someone else, and the Night is left longing for the Dawn.


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